Scholastics Strike Nevada.

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 Its been an honor to be able to take as many photos as i want to my advantage, for my own good, for my own personal satisfaction. But never did i ever think a simple hobby i use as an “escape” would result in such accomplishment. Thursday 1/24/12 I received 4 golden medals, and 4 silver medals for my photography. The photo in this post was nominated to be posted and broadcast in the Carnegie Hall in NYC. Saying these words brings my knees to a quiver, and i feel my heart beating fast. Ive never had such an amazing expeoremce in my life and i pray and hope that this is not the last. One day i hope to be able to share my work beyond the walls of Carnegie but as well as the streets and the people all throughout the world. This has changes my perspective on my photography completely. Maybe one day ill be able to prove everyone wrong who said that being a Photo Journalist isnt going to get me far in life, Maybe ill be able to show my kids and future generations that anything is possible as long as the possibilites are in the right persons hands. I am not giving up this hobby, ever. Not because i have been blessed enough to be in this position but because its made me who i am today. I must say im extrememly stoked and i hope i get to go further all the way to the end with this competition! Keep your fingers crossed for me please?

Much Love,


The Evil Behind Inspiration.

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"No Evil" - Dejenee Renee

No evil, as innocent as a child’s gaze
Looking into ones soul like a simplistic maze
Wondering if brightness comes from better days

Who are we to challenge in ones minds
Who will become evil, or who will be kind
Only a child knows, whats in a childs mind

Disclaimer: This post refers to being inspired; not copying. Directly copying another person’s work without giving them credit is stealing.

My little brother is honestly a trooper. I use and abuse him for a lot of my ideas just because hes so easy to photograph!
Anyways, I’ve noticed quite often that people become inspired pretty easily these days. And there is no wrong in doing so. I get inspired as well and deeply fall in love with others works. But I’ve been finding certain things out there that have passed the lines of “insperation” and “Re-making”.  Not only on my work ive seen people redo my entire photo as there own.. and give me no credit. I appreciate, and am totally flattered that anyone would like my photographs so much they want to create it as well. But unfortunately to say.. that thats copyright infringement. Everyone has there own mind and i encourage everyone to use it to the fullest of their ability, or if you would like to re make a photo idea of mine or anyone elses im sure it would be deeply appreciated to give credit.

With the way technology is moving so quickly these days i find it hard to ever find the actual owner / creator of an image on social networking sites such as twitter, tumblr, photography blogs, etc. Its not that anyone is using a picture thats not theres its okay if it fits in with whatever it is someone may be doing on the interenet, but without permission its almost like theft.

Why does being stimulated by our sight cause controversy? Because most artists looking to be inspired turn to the work of other artists and here lies the “trouble” with being inspired. When I began getting serious about photography, I flooded myself with as much of it as my brain could handle. I browsed places such as Flickr and Deviant Art for hours, looking at, bookmarking, and examining pieces and artists that I admired hoping that my work would someday obtain that kind of quality. Today, I still do the same, though I will say that my artistic eye has become much more critical than it was a year ago. It is important to always be looking at fresh new art because our creativity is like a fire, we need fuel to keep it burning.

The trouble starts when artists try to create both original and inspired work. How do we create original art without being inspired by someone else and how are we to be inspired without directly copying someone else? It’s a fine line to walk and walk it too closely and you could find yourself in a heap of trouble. We live in a day in age where copyright laws are becoming more prominent and more strictly enforced. Copy someone else, even unknowingly, and you could be forced to remove your art or even face fines and jail time if you refuse. Though I would by no means ever endorse an artist who blatantly copies another, I’m here to say that when you cross the line from being the inspired to the inspirational you are placed in a position of responsibility.

Understand, that this line you “cross” is a very broad one. Even the best artist’s are inspired by others, but when others are creating work similar to yours, then you are more on the side of inspirational and in a very important position. Egos abound in all walks of life, and the art world is no different. Perhaps it is the fear that someone will somehow steal their “magical” formula for success, or simply the pride of being told how good they are on a regular basis. Artists like this need to realize that like the line made famous by Spider-Man: “With great power, comes great responsibility” applies to more than just superheros.

Finally, what do you do once you are inspired and create a piece inspired by another artist? You credit them. Whether you are a seasoned artist inspired by a beginner, or vice versa, you have a responsibility to credit the artist. There is no shame in being inspired, only the harmony of being uninspired and finding inspiration or being inspired and providing inspiration for others. So to the inspirational, remember that you too were once uninspired and to the inspired, remember that to be an artist is to be part of a community and you have a responsibility to credit those who inspire you. Whether you are a big name artist or a beginner, never be afraid to be inspired by one another, it is the only way art has survived this long and the only way it will survive in the future.

So all i am personally trying to get at is to just be more careful when browing through artworks and creating something similar to someone elses. Or for those who just upload to a photo sharing sight beware of the viewings on your images and keep good care of them, unless of course you want the public to freely take and enhance your artistic pieces.

Photographing My Way Into College.

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Fun News: Recently, I’ve had the chances to enter my photos into the art shows of Scholastic and Skills USA.
I’m beyond nervous. Mostly because i have never had a panel of judges critique my photos and place them in a category. My photography teacher seems to think that I have a very good chance of being able to place pretty high. I will be uploading the images i will be submiting sometime tomorrow for all to see the portfolio i have put together. I am going to have to keep my fingers crossed very tightly and hope i place some what reasonably. Without placing in the top 10 i will most likely lose out on the big time scholarships.  And those scholarships are my future! So im hoping i did i fairly good job on my photos and provide the judges with something they havent seen yet before. And i recommend anyone in highschool to look into this and submit your photos! its open to anyone in school, so just a heads up(:

About these photos: These were taken the day i got back from living in the Dominican Republic. The cold nevada weather was frosty and bitter as i took these images. The landscape had a dull white look to it and i thought it would be fun to mess around with my focus a little bit and play with the tones! They were just for fun, as a welcome home present to myself.

Raw Emotion & Show Stoppers.

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Many people ask me on my flickr account.. “How Do You Create Such Interesting Photos” They often end the comments with “I wish i knew how to be this creative” Or something along those lines. Well truth is Absolutely anyone can create an image that stop the eye of someone and intrigues a large amount of people. With time and patience its truly not that difficult to build a one of a kind type of image.

The main points I’m trying to get at anyone and everyone out there who have an absolute love for the art of snapping photos, is to never think that your photo is blan or not creative. In all honestly there is a little something different and unique in everyone’s photos and you just have to find what it is, and what you are naturally good at photography. For me, my highlighted talent would have to be capturing the essence of emotion. I actually stumbled upon this one day using photoshop but that’s a different story.

Anyways there are umpteen amounts of things constantly flowing through my mind everyday,
So i am going to try to help out anyone trying to create an image that will stay in the mind of your audience for a long period of time. I’ve put together some steps to follow (or change and make your own). I surely hope it helps!

1.  Incorporate your emotions into what you are capturing:
-As I’ve said before im huge on emotion and a lot of others are that ive found out. Because odds are if you can somehow put together that appeals to more than just the sense of seeing but also the sense of feeling, then someone else out there has felt the same way too. Emotion makes people think and wonder what the artist is trying to portray visualy about there life or other obstacles they are facing in there lives.

2. Consider your show goals:
-Have a vague but certain idea in your head with other back up options if what your capturing is not turning out how you thought it would. Always know what type of photo you are aiming to build. Have some sort of reference on the tones and effects you would like the image to show. If there is a main point in the portraint take many photos at all different angles and lighting options as possible.

3. Adjust your settings:
-What many people find contradicting about photography and how “easy” it is is a downfall in the art itself. A lot of people tend to assume that just because there camera as a bunch of money that they can just go out and snap anything and magically become a photographer.. in some cases this may be true but more oftenly not. Just by measuring and setting your white balance on your camera will bring a whole new lighting spectrum among your image. Change the color tone and things like that. The simple little details you do during the photoshoop will definitely pay off in the end.

4. Accept your photograph:
-I many times go through my own process and tips and still end up un satisfied with my collection of photos i have taken. Not because they are necessarily “bad” but just because they did not meet my expectations i have in myself. One of my new years resolutions is to accept the photos ive taken and i think many others should do this to. I think a goal for mine and id like to share with others is even if your not satisifed with your photo continue on with it. for me this means opening it up in photoshop and adding a little more “Pazazz” to it, and for others it may just mean to try the idea out on a new day! But mostly this tip is just to remember and think to yourself not to give up on the idea of the photograph, keep trying until you succeed the hard work will definitely shine through in the finishing product.

5. Add some definition to your photo:
-By pazazz, i mean photoshop. And i know a large amount of people do not like the idea of photoshop but a lof of people such as myself find it very interesting and useful. Creating a “show stopping, emotional” photo is adding that little detail to it that no one has done before. This could be anything you desire to add. Don’t think to hard though or ideas will become to faint from your mind. If you’re opposed to photoshop skip this stop and move right on to number 6!

6. Share your work with the world:
-In my opinion, getting to spread my love of photography with the rest of society is the most rewarding part. The feedback is always lovely whether it be crucial critisism or a quick sweet comment from someone it always makes me happy. For this step i recommend sites such as Deviant Art, and Flickr. There are many other sites out there to feel free to share some links of your art with me, im always willing to look at everyones artistic abilities!

Well, i hope these steps helped out atleast 1 person and help you become one step closer to improving your photography. If there is anything you think i should add please let me know, and as i said before feel free to share your links to where i can fiind you photography in a link below in the comments!


Infected By Instagram.

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 As the committed instagram user that i am, i must say instagram has   came into my life and still refuses to leave, Thanks to this app i leave my SLR at home all the time. What i personally love about instagram is that it gives us all the chance to feel as if we can share our photography with more than just the people with the average photography site, such as flickr. And i dont feel as pressured to impress my viewers and captured audience.

Although i hate this app for seperating me from my nikon, I think its my place to say its one of the best apps ive downloaded in my iphone career. What i enjoy most is that my feed is constantly changing and streaming with ridiculous talent and inspiration. What blows me away is how good people have become on the mobile devices. Although i know there are some *cheaters* who upload photos to there phone then instagram them, its still interesting to me.

The best part of this app is that you can follow whom ever you want from wherever you want. Im specifically fascinated by this girl i follow, she is from Ireland. The lifestyle she lives and the things she is blessed to see on a day to day basis is far past excellence to me. In a way i find this to be more than an “amateur photographer app” as many would call it only because there is definitely more talent on there then what i expected in the first place.

I personally love where technology is heading, and i know Instagram will be out within a few years and the next best (maybe worst for some of you) app will be created.

Any thoughts out there instagrammers?



Discovering The World Around.

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Went on a nature walk today, which is very new to me. Thanks to a close friend of mine i got out there and got a chance to shoot with the new Nikon. These photos were taken on my iPhone. Im frustrated that I’m so prone to my iPhone these days. Most times I leave my dslr at home just because no matter what I have a good quality phone camera on my hip. But that will be a later post.

Today I got the chance to enhance my landscape photography (more photos to come) one of my new years resolutions is to become a better landscape photographer. I’m so Into the human body that it’s hard for me to take photos of anything else.

If I learned anything in 2011 it’s that I’d you want to get better at something you can not give up until you see improvement. And with that being said I am not going to drop my ambition to learn more tips and tricks to capturing beautiful. Elegant photographs.

If anyone knows any advice to give me I’d love to hear anything and everything you would like to say!



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In the end, there are just those moments
Where our minds are not under control
Because our hearts are beating too loud
And simplicity overpowers the soul”

What many people do not understand that its more appealing for the eye to see the simplictic aspects of a photo. Much of my fanbase on flickr often asks me how and why my views are so high. And to tell the truth i do not know why. I try to just capture the simplicity of the human emotion. Due to personal background this is all i ever worry about capturing. Often times people like to assume that the more things going on in a photo will lead to a lot of positive feed back. There are many reasons as to how a photo with a lot of main points is both succesful and yet a  failure. Here i will list the top 5 issues with both.

5 Reasons Of Success in a Chaotic Photo:
1. It keeps the audience looking.
2. It makes the audience wonder about the photo.
3. The main point of the photo will vary depending on the person.
4. It applies to more than one type of viewing audience.
5. A chaotic scene is always a lot of fun to put together.

5 Reasons Of Failure in a Chaotic Photo:
1. Theres to much for the audience to view.
2. Viewers will have so much to look at it results in a
shorter viewing period, and leaves them thoughtless.
3. There is no true one message the photographer is tryin
to pursue to the viewers.
4.It makes focusing and looking at the photo difficult.
5. The viewer will not remember that particular photo.

In no way shape or form do I disregard the art of chaotic photography. It intrigues my eye, i am just not to hip of photographing things with more than one main object in it. So for the people who follow my flickr photos then the only secret i keep is to keep the picture simple and strong, and be sure it appeals to many emotions that can apply to all groups of society.

~ Dejenee